Watching Picasso

by Jason Wilber

The crowd crashed like waves over shots over pints
While we sat struck dumb with surprise
To quote my hero old Joe, a radiance did show
But the din didn’t ever subside

It was like watching Picasso, Monet, or Renoir
Sketching out his world with a voice and guitar
My God how good must you be, said the man next to me
Before folks might just listen a while

He played and he sang simple and plain
And out poured a quiet masterpiece
By the cigarette machine on a dim corner stage
That creaked like a tired ship at sea

I don’t even mean to judge or indict
It’s not like this was Carnegie Hall
I guess no one expects to witness genius
Unless it hangs on a museum wall

If you’re ever up that way near old St. John’s Bay
Where the shadow of the Signal Hill lies
Climb up Solomon’s Lane to the door marked Ship Inn
And sit down and listen to Ron Hynes

©2006 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music BMI

From the album Lazy Afternoon


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    […] the Stan Rogers Festival in Nova Scotia once a few years ago and they asked me to sing “Watching Picasso” before Ron came out and played his set. I’ll never forget it. After I’d finished […]

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