The Game – Song Notes

Having been a teenager in the 1980’s, I have a special place in my heart and psyche for that music. Unfortunately, a lot of the production techniques and sounds that were used back then didn’t age well. I heard some Echo and the Bunnymen songs on the radio back then, but I didn’t remember The Game in particular. When (engineer/producer) Paul Mahern suggested we consider it for my ECHOES album, he described it as; “A good song that was hobbled by ’80’s production”. I gave it a listen and agreed.

As I learned this song, I also found that it spoke to something in my life right now. That being the weariness, hopefully along with a little wisdom, that accrues as we journey through life. Even though we are all ostensibly playing different games– in my case making music –the big game, the one in which we are all participants, willing or unwilling, is something that strikes a chord in everyone I think.

The Game appears on ECHOES:

Jason Wilber ECHOES - album cover image









For copyright reasons, I can’t reproduce the song lyrics on this page, but I think you can find them pretty easily online.


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