The Galway Waltz

The trees I see have turned their leaves
And the wind smells wet and cool
The sky’s been black for days and yet
Not a drop of rain has pooled

I had it in my head that I’d go to bed
But instead I wound up here
Where passersby hide their eyes
Behind black glasses of beer

Everybody dreams of a band that swings
A tune that nobody hears
It’s a lonesome night for a let down ride
On a train that never appears

The night porter waits
While the orchestra plays
A little girl dances a waltz
A bleeding old bum to the door has come
Screaming that it wasn’t his fault

Through the window outside is a carousel ride
For the jockeys that failed the test
A weekend Dad explains to a lad
The ponies they must need a rest
But they’ve saved the last for the best


But the blind were misguided by the absent minded
At a corner just before dawn
They turned down the street that fades as it leads
To a twilight that goes on and on


© 1999 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music (BMI)


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