Something Blue

Take your fortune and your flames
Roll the wheel and listen to the grind
Killing time
Dab a little makeup on your mind
Looks fine but what’s that up inside
Something blue

All the stars on Mars
Float above the harbor ships arrive
Wishing they could see into your heart
Your eyes reflecting all the while
Something blue

If it’s forever for never I can’t wait
For fortune to shine far away
When all is said we’re dead
And time is just a waterfall up ahead

Time travels tonight
Slowly thru the city sideshow lights
Windows bright
Shiny things but none as wild as you
Cutting through
Before the fatal fault line breaks away
Please wait
Tell me what you say to…

Something blue
Something new
Something borrowed
Something old too

©2008 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music (BMI)

from the album Secret Window


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