Pick Up Your Heart

Maybe we could be friends,
Maybe we could still talk
And if I had wings on my ass
Maybe I wouldn’t need to walk

It’s not to do with you
I need some time alone
I told her I’ve got some time you can have
She said she had plenty of her own

Pick up your heart she said
Pick up your heart

So every time I call
I wonder why I didn’t learn
About the last time before
You know it makes it hurt more and more

But now I feel really great
Just like a hundred cents
Someone left out on the railroad track
To see how flat they’d get

Pick up your heart she said
Pick up your heart
I’ll mop up all the blood and tears
But you can’t just leave it here

If you were a queen
And I your loyal servant
Would you leave my body in the guillotine
And kick my head around in the dirt

If pain was a language
You could be a great author
And I could be the murder victim
In all your best selling novels


© 1995 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music (BMI)


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