Lost In Your Hometown

At a second hand shop where they sell some people’s past
You try on a wedding coat and find that it won’t last
She says you must leave the shop is closing now
So you walk and watch the shadows on the ground
You finally raise your head but you’re lost now

The street signs pass you by in bleary comic prose
The people you ask directions of they speak in guarded tones
Places that you look for no one knows
You don’t recognize the style of their clothes
What you thought was East is where the sun went down
Lost in your hometown

I don’t recognize that shape of this ground
And that church bell has an unfamiliar sound
River cuts the city right in half
And the old man says the dam will never last
Where the movies played they must have torn that down
Lost in your hometown

I found a street today that I had not been down before
And all the corners that it met they took me through many more
On the boulevard that stretches on for ever
Past the tenements, and the churches, and the mansions
This city sings but you never hear a sound
Lost in your hometown

© 1995 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music (BMI)

from the album Lost In Your Hometown








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