In Her Veins

The flowers don’t grow unless she says they can
The sun won’t rise until she waves her hand
Electricity is in her veins
And it pulls at me like that
When I walk away I walk right back

Horses and castles and stories of distant lands
Move in her lips and the fingers on her hands
In hypnotic fascination
I watch the pendulum swing
And soon the very air begins to sing

So I attend her simple evening song
A single chair inside a concert hall
And the music falls like rain
And washes my soul clean
Exhausted then my eyes can only sleep

I’ve made 15 miles since daybreak
After 14 nights planning escape
I’ll be far away
And forget her very soon
No more than the tide escapes the moon

There’s a fire in her veins
And it burns with my name
And so I go like a moth into the flame

©2004 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music (BMI)

from the album King For A Day


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