I see a long fence row and a house I know
And a worn out path down a long dusty road
I’m moving real slow, I don’t hear a sound
Is it finally time to lay my body down

I can smell the cooking a half a mile away
I can see the yard where the children play
I hear a quiet voice beside me say
Forget the sadness you felt on judgement day

But I don’t see any harp strumming angels
And no golden trumpet horns begin to play
It’s just an old farmhouse on a country way
And I feel all my burdens drift away

I walk up through the yard, under big shade trees
There’s two old men on a white porch swing
I see a woman waving through the front screen door
And I realize I’ve known them all before


Now the cornbread’s hot and the iced tea’s cold
I haven’t felt this free since I was ten years old
And we’ve got fried chicken and apple pie
I never would’ve guessed that Heaven could look so fine

And I don’t need any harp strumming angels
No golden trumpet horns have to play
Just an old farmhouse on a country way
Is all I need to take my pain away
Yeah I never could’ve guessed that Heaven would look this way

© 1994 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music (BMI)

from the album Reaction Time




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