Ghost of Summers Past


The mourning dove woke me from a dream
Of a younger summer
She sang her song as my dreamland faded away
And for the rest of the day I couldn’t shake this feeling
Like I was watching myself walk away

Walking on the railroad tracks
Walk across the trestle
Walking on the railroad tracks
Like a ghost of summers past

Grandpa used to bait my line
And we’d sit and watch the bobbers
And we always had plenty of time
A soldier and a child sitting hand in hand at the water
As a young man waves goodbye


There was a world for me at the top of a tree
I could’ve been anything
But now the leave have fallen down
And I stand on the ground
And rustle around for my yesterdays

©2009 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music (BMI)

From the album Ghost Of Summers Past




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