Down In Russell Square

Sitting Down in Russell Square
Where the sun has come to brighten this June day
And the flowers sway
Purple, Red, and Yellow
In gardens kept with care
Down in Russell Square

And those who were just passing through
Find themselves upon the benches too
As toddlers smile and stagger laughing
In the soft and gentle air
Down in Russell Square

When you need someplace to slip away
From your worries and petty cares
Try to fix your mind upon a day
That you once spent dreaming somewhere
Like on a quiet summer bench
Down in Russell Square

The bus brakes and the car horn
Sound just like an old calliope
As they echo off the concrete
And I guess they might as well be
Because no one cares
About them down in Russell Square

In the cool grass here and there
Couples talk or lie and quietly stare
At the white clouds as they pass
Through a sea of tranquil blue
Oh it must be love
That floats so high above Russell Square

©2006 Jason Wilber/Everyday Rain Music BMI

From the album Lazy Afternoon



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