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Lost In Your Hometown

At a second hand shop where they sell some people’s past You try on a wedding coat and find that it won’t last She says you must leave the shop is closing now So you walk and watch the shadows on the ground You finally raise your head but you’re lost now The street signs […]

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I Fell In Line

These years just showed up uninvited unannounced Left us who we are and knocked a few lights out Sit down, grow up you’ve got so much to appreciate Your edges might feel rough now but they’ll smooth out more everyday They’ll cut you like a razor from this paper life You’ll reach out your arms […]

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Pick Up Your Heart

Maybe we could be friends, Maybe we could still talk And if I had wings on my ass Maybe I wouldn’t need to walk It’s not to do with you I need some time alone I told her I’ve got some time you can have She said she had plenty of her own Pick up […]

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