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Sinking Down

My dream is always the same We’re out on Stetson Bank And I’m the one who was left behind Divers swim right by With lights in their hands and fear in their eyes And I know it’s me they’re trying to find Sinking down I feel I’m sinking down I pray I’ll wake up scared […]

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Last Meeting of the Quakertown Optimist Club

There’s just no point in going on, said the President to his peers We’ve tried real hard to make the club work, for almost 24 years But recently the spelling bee and the bake sale both bombed Interest has declined, it’s a sign of the times, I’m thinking we should just move on Because we’ve […]

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Down In Russell Square

Sitting Down in Russell Square Where the sun has come to brighten this June day And the flowers sway Purple, Red, and Yellow In gardens kept with care Down in Russell Square And those who were just passing through Find themselves upon the benches too As toddlers smile and stagger laughing In the soft and […]

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Your Destiny

by Jason Wilber You were walking it was one of those days when there was no one around Waves breaking and the seagulls seemed to be the only sounds Just how free can you be If this path was meant to lead To your destiny You were talking then to someone you met somewhere along […]

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Northern Lights Seen Over Lewisburg Tennessee

by Jason Wilber Summer vacation, North Ontario An old man telling stories To his young grandson CHORUS The Northern Lights might find a child And carry him away To the shining spiral arms of the milky way Aurora Borealis, Aurora Illinois That’s where my Dad lives Lied the lonely boy Go and tell your Dad […]

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Watching Picasso

by Jason Wilber The crowd crashed like waves over shots over pints While we sat struck dumb with surprise To quote my hero old Joe, a radiance did show But the din didn’t ever subside It was like watching Picasso, Monet, or Renoir Sketching out his world with a voice and guitar My God how […]

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Indigo I’ve been dreaming of you You must know I see traces everywhere I go Your shade has captivated me Drops of ink Like a kaleidoscope they slowly sink It’s clear imagination that you think Away in clouds of purple blue You can see into the ocean and the sky Just close your eyes Indigo […]

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You Don’t Know What You’re Getting Into

You back your car out of the driveway Feels right you might go the wrong way You don’t know what you’re getting into now You might think you do you might think you don’t You might think you will you might think you want something different for variety So you start out first and you […]

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