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Lay Down When You’re Done

Crooked people empty stairs The windows rattle and the daylight’s scarce The breeze blows the doors to days Long since passed away Raise the sky up high on your shoulders Let the days go and come Yesterday can be what it was Just lay down when you’re done Lay down when you’re done White clouds […]

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Over The Road

The highway hums and the diesel engines run loud as thunder The earth turns on its axis and the road just rolls past and under The sun has run again and stole the light from the day But even now I can feel the night slip away I woke from a fitful sleep where wheels […]

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Goin’ Fishin’

Telephone rang the other voice said brother This afternoon’s an afternoon man like no other He said they’re pulling twenty pounders out of the pond down yonder Not tonight not tomorrow we can’t wait any longer Chorus: We’re goin’ fishin’ Man we’re goin’ fishin’ It’s a fine time to wet your line We’re goin’ fishin’ […]

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The Galway Waltz

The trees I see have turned their leaves And the wind smells wet and cool The sky’s been black for days and yet Not a drop of rain has pooled I had it in my head that I’d go to bed But instead I wound up here Where passersby hide their eyes Behind black glasses […]

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