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Come Summertime

Summertime, summertime Hang my clothes out on the line Tell all my friends that I’ll be fine Come summertime Summertime I start to dream Of shiny fish in a shady stream And a long cat nap in the quiet breeze Come summertime Summertime, summertime Hang my clothes out on the line Tell all my friends […]

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Pick Up Your Heart

Maybe we could be friends, Maybe we could still talk And if I had wings on my ass Maybe I wouldn’t need to walk It’s not to do with you I need some time alone I told her I’ve got some time you can have She said she had plenty of her own Pick up […]

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Indigo I’ve been dreaming of you You must know I see traces everywhere I go Your shade has captivated me Drops of ink Like a kaleidoscope they slowly sink It’s clear imagination that you think Away in clouds of purple blue You can see into the ocean and the sky Just close your eyes Indigo […]

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In Search of a Song: Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Part 1

On the most recent episode of In Search of a Song I had the great pleasure of talking with the incredible Ramblin’ Jack Elliot. A protege of Woody Guthrie, Jack is one of the true pioneers of folk music. He inspired the likes of Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and many more in the early 1960’s […]

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I see a long fence row and a house I know And a worn out path down a long dusty road I’m moving real slow, I don’t hear a sound Is it finally time to lay my body down I can smell the cooking a half a mile away I can see the yard where […]

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You Don’t Know What You’re Getting Into

You back your car out of the driveway Feels right you might go the wrong way You don’t know what you’re getting into now You might think you do you might think you don’t You might think you will you might think you want something different for variety So you start out first and you […]

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The Galway Waltz

The trees I see have turned their leaves And the wind smells wet and cool The sky’s been black for days and yet Not a drop of rain has pooled I had it in my head that I’d go to bed But instead I wound up here Where passersby hide their eyes Behind black glasses […]

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Lazy Afternoon

I love to watch the wind in the locust trees And the way the sun feels so warm on me And on you too, and everyone who has come to sit Out in this lazy afternoon You swear you can smell those flowers bloom I believe you can I smell them too And the grass […]

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In Search of a Song: B.B. King – Part 3

This week on In Search of a Song, we present the last installment of our series on the late, great BB King. It took three hours just to begin to shed some light on this incredible blues icon, and we’ll all miss him very much. This is part 3 of a series with Professor Andy […]

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