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I’d Love Another Saturday Night

Almost done I’ve been waiting since Monday or Tuesday at least For some fun I think I see a little light at the end of the week Whatever happened to the endless summer and all the time in the world Fridays finished we can starting unwinding Saturday morning we’re free Sunday will be sorry to […]

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Ghost Light

If you ever wander down to the old part of town There’s a marquee that leans to one side And a box office window cloudy and dark in a lobby where an old usher hides There the street may suddenly fall silent And you might feel a faint tinge of fear Where once stood a […]

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In Her Veins

The flowers don’t grow unless she says they can The sun won’t rise until she waves her hand Electricity is in her veins And it pulls at me like that When I walk away I walk right back Horses and castles and stories of distant lands Move in her lips and the fingers on her […]

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How Does Love Survive

How does love survive How does love get by So many broken hearts and bitter memories How does love survive Does it worry does it cry Late at night when no one else can hear You promise you’ll be true And you do the things you do To make love grow into something strong and […]

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Another You

Who would wake up in the morning Who would boil up the tea Who would If you weren’t you What would you do What would you say Would there even be anything anyway Another day Another You Another You Time is just imaginary Why all these disconnected daydreams What’s this concern over the truth Where […]

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In Search of a Song

As of January 1, 2017 we are no longer producing new episodes of In Search of a Song, the syndicated radio show that I hosted from about 2006 to 2016. It was an honor and a thrill to explore the mysteries of songwriting and creativity in conversations with so many wonderful songwriters, producers, and musicians […]

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Lay Down When You’re Done

Crooked people empty stairs The windows rattle and the daylight’s scarce The breeze blows the doors to days Long since passed away Raise the sky up high on your shoulders Let the days go and come Yesterday can be what it was Just lay down when you’re done Lay down when you’re done White clouds […]

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As Tears Go By – Song Notes

This is one of the less obscure songs Paul Mahern and I chose for the ECHOES record. I knew the song from the Rolling Stones version. Paul played me the Marianne Faithfull version, which I’m sure I had heard at some point but didn’t remember. I’m not sure but this might be one of the […]

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In Her Veins – Live in Studio

In Her Veins is a song I wrote for my lovely wife. Fortunately, she likes it. 🙂 Here is a video of me performing it live in the studio. Thank you to Jim Krause and his video production team at IU!

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Annie You Save Me – Song Notes

I discovered this song by UK pop duo Graffiti6 during a random walk through iTunes a few years ago. The original  version of the song is kind of a four-on-the-floor techno dance club track. I loved the energy of the recording and listened to it a lot while driving. I never gave any thought to […]

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Oh You Pretty Things – Song Notes

I’ve loved David Bowie’s music ever since I discovered the Changesonebowie 8-track in my sisters music collection when I was 9 or 10. But I never really dug into the catalog much beyond the hits. So when Paul Mahern suggested his song “Oh You Pretty Things” for ECHOES, I’m not sure I’d ever even heard it before. […]

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The Game – Song Notes

Having been a teenager in the 1980’s, I have a special place in my heart and psyche for that music. Unfortunately, a lot of the production techniques and sounds that were used back then didn’t age well. I heard some Echo and the Bunnymen songs on the radio back then, but I didn’t remember The […]

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Paradise – Song Notes

I’ve been playing lead guitar in John Prine‘s band since 1996. That’s 20 years as of this writing. (Yes, I was 3 years old when John hired me. OK, I was 26, but who’s counting.) A year or two ago, I decided to make a record of songs written by other songwriters. The working title of […]

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I Am The Cosmos – Song Notes

I’ve always liked the quirkiness of the whole Memphis/Big Star/Alex Chilton/Chris Bell world of songs. I came to the party late, long after they all stopped making music together. But I discovered them in my early twenties, which was perfect timing. When we were making the ECHOES record the producer, Paul Mahern, suggested maybe doing a […]

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Coals and Water – Song Notes

I first heard Angel Snow singing her song Coals and Water on the radio while I was driving around in the country just outside Nashville, TN. I think this was around 2012 or 2013. I immediately had to pull over and find out who and what this was! Soon afterwards I bought Angel’s record and […]

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