Annie You Save Me – Song Notes

I discovered this song by UK pop duo Graffiti6 during a random walk through iTunes a few years ago. The original  version of the song is kind of a four-on-the-floor techno dance club track. I loved the energy of the recording and listened to it a lot while driving.

I never gave any thought to performing or recording my own version of Annie You Save Me until David Jacques (with whom I’ve played in John Prine’s band for many years) and I were on a long drive between gigs one day and I said, “Hey check out this Graffiti6 song.” After it was done he said, “You should sing that one.” I said, “Yeah right, not really my style.” And he said, “No really, you should do it your own way.”

So I filed that idea away until this record rolled around. Turns out Dave was right. Annie You Save Me is one of my new favorites to play in my shows. And when I do play it, people almost always comment on how much they like the song. So thank you Dave!

For copyright reasons, I can’t reproduce the song lyrics on this page, but I think you can find them online pretty easily.

Annie You Save Me appears on ECHOES.



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